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The Burren Law School is an annual conference, held over the first weekend in May and aima to recreate the tradition of legal learning that is associated with the Brehon Law Schools.

Burren law school is run by a Trust dedicated inter alia to the natural and cultural heritage of the Burren.

Close by Newtown Castle, seat of the O'Lochlainns - Chiefs of the Burren, is the site of the O'Davoran Law School, one of the three law schools situated in the Burren. Between the years 1563 and 1569, Domhnall O'Davoran and his pupils compiled the manuscript now known as Egerton 88, containing an invaluable glossary of Brehon Law and a variety of law texts, one dating back to the 8th century. The annual Burren Law School, held the first weekend in May, aims to recreate the tradition of legal learning associated with the Brehon Law Schools, allowing the past to illuminate the present in what is characteristically a very stimulating weekend. It is of interest to the public at large as much as to members of the legal/ caring professions, historians and relevant interest groups.



Burren Law Committee
Senator Ivana Bacik; Sean Braiden; Paddy Brennan; Maura Butler, Mary Hawkes-Greene, Martin Hawkes; Kieran McGrath; Brian Sheridan (Convenor); Peter Ward (Director).

The Burren Law School is Supported by Bord Failte and Shannon Development


Newtown Castle

Burren Law School Newtown Castle